Why Your Trailers Need To Start Using Retractable Tarp

22 October 2019
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If you operate a trucking business, making sure your cargo is properly secured while in motion is one of your most critical tasks. Many truckers that haul large trailers behind them use tarps in order to shield products from the elements while out on the road, but not all tarps are created equal. If your trucking business is not using one of the retractable tarp systems that is available on the market today, it's time to upgrade your system. Here's what a retractable tarp system can do for you.

Load Up and Move Out

Every trucker knows what a pain it can be to install a tarp. Tarps are heavy and bulky, and if the trailer is especially large, it could take your trucker forever to get the tarp properly secured. It might be easy to get a tarp put on while you are at headquarters, but if the trucker needs to constantly load and unload new cargo while out on the road, that tarp is going to become a nuisance sooner rather than later. Having to meticulously secure the entire tarp by hand every time will make the route take longer and the cargo arrive later.

With a retractable tarp system, you can simply hit a button and let the system do the work. The trucker will be able to get back on the road faster and with less frustration.

No More Lugging Around Heavy Tarps

We've already remarked about how tarps can be heavy and hard to maneuver. This could actually also be a health issue for your company if you're not careful. Tarps for especially large trailers might weight 50 pounds or more. If you have an older trucker trying to put the tarp in place by hand, this likely won't be healthy for their back. Do you really want to deal with a workers' compensation claim because someone threw out their back while trying to secure the cargo? With a retractable system, the trucker is removed from the situation and is no longer in harm's way.

Easier to Deal With in Bad Conditions

Manual tarps are a pain to deal with just about all the time, but this is especially true when it is windy or rainy out. Inclement weather slows your drivers enough as it is, so don't let Mother Nature add additional time to your drives by blowing your manually-installed tarp all over the place while you are trying to put it in place.

If your company is still securing your trailers with old-fashioned tarps that need to be put on by hand, it's time for an upgrade. Contact a company that installs retractable tarp systems on trucks like yours and your truckers and your bottom line may soon thank you for it.